About Us

Medical Lab Tests for You

Your Health Lab offers a unique way to monitor your health between doctor visits in Houston. We are a full-service, certified laboratory offering a wide variety of individual medical lab tests as well as full health screenings. Your Health Lab tests are on average 50% cheaper than lab tests at other laboratories for private-pay individuals. No doctor’s orders are required unless you are filing an insurance claim, and no appointments are necessary. Your Health Lab is also CLIA certified.

Your Health Lab offers a wide array of urine, blood, and other laboratory tests in Houston. Most of our medical lab tests can be completed within ten minutes and the lab test results are available within 24 hours. You can retrieve your medical lab test results through our website, mail, fax, or you can come in and pick them up. Your test results will be available only to you, our patient, unless you tell us otherwise.

Your Health Lab also offers Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Testing. STD tests are completely anonymous and all of your STD test results are completely confidential. Not even your doctor can access the results of any tests here at Your Health Lab unless you authorize it. To protect your privacy and your confidentiality, HIV test results and all other STD test results are not available online.

Medical Lab Tests for Physicians

We take great care and pride in making sure the last thing physicians we work with have to think about is their laboratory provider.

In addition to providing direct access testing, Your Health Lab provides services to physicians and other health care providers in the greater Houston area. We accept and file Medicare/Medicaid and all types of private PPO insurance for patients at no charge. Your Health Lab provides timely and accurate results on clinical, pathology and cytology services. At Your Health Lab, we pride ourselves on providing high quality services to all of our patients at low costs. Please feel free to browse our website for further information. Thank you for your interest in Your Health Lab, your choice for medical lab tests.