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“This is convenient, helpful and provides accurate information. I appreciate the relatively inexpensive cost and was able to track my lowering cholesterol rates and improved thyroid results much more closely. It is far cheaper for me than other lab costs charged through my insurance. The techs are very helpful and experienced.”

Magnolia, TX

“What a great concept! I am weary of going to a doctor’s office, waiting, then being charged for an office visit when all I want is to check my PSA for prostate problems and maybe my blood chemistry – potassium levels, etc. Thanks!”

Houston, TX

“I have a hypo-thyroid condition which requires lifelong medication. The treatment must be routinely monitored through very expensive blood lab tests. Thanks to the cooperation of my physician and the discovery of “Your Health Lab,” I am now receiving convenient, professional, courteous service AND SAVING MONEY!”

Houston, TX

“I think it is great that people are able to get medical lab tests done on their bodies without doctor’s permission.”

Houston, TX

“I have used Your Health Lab services to have my PSA tests done. I have found them to be helpful and professional in performing the lab tests. They also have been prompt in reporting the results back to me. It is nice to be able to get the tests done without having to see a doctor “for permission!” I recommend this service for those who want to watch their own health as much as possible.”

Houston, TX

“Getting tested regularly for HIV is smart – no matter what type of behavior one engages in. Nonetheless, it is a stressful process- but so much better with Your Health Lab’s 24 hour turnaround.”

Houston, TX

“I work full-time, so being able to go in for lab work on Saturday is very important. Great Service!”

Houston, TX

“I have found the lab test results to be reliable, timely and useful. I appreciate the service provided.”

Houston, TX