Find a COVID-19 test that’s right for you.

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Antibody Testing

Wondering if you had COVID-19 in the past? Find out now with our Antibody Test.

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Surveillance Testing

Proactively identify asymptomatic individuals that may be positive for COVID-19.

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PCR Testing

Get tested for COVID-19 with our gold standard PCR Test. Find out within 24 hours from collection.

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COVID-19 Questions

Yes! We offer the gold standard of high throughput COVID-19 PCR testing. Tests are sent to our laboratory and resulted within 24-48 hours of being at our lab.  Please find our complete list of testing sites here.

We will send you results in a HIPPA compliant manner through text message, email or both!

Yes, you can buy a COVID-19 PCR test for $119 at any of our locations.