Your Health Labs Frequently Asked Questions

How is Your Health Lab different from any other labs in the market?
Good question. First, we like to think we care about you and our work more than the other guys. That shows up in many areas: shorter wait times, the least expensive prices in the industry, and the promise to do whatever we can to make your experience as pain free and convenient as possible.
How soon will I get my results?
Most results are available the very next morning. Some tests take a little longer to complete, but almost every test you order is available within 4-5 days.
How do I get my results?
We can deliver results to you in many different ways. The most commonly preferred method is via our secure web login accessible here. We can also send results via a secure fax, snail mail, or you can pick up results from any of our convenient locations.
Can my tests be anonymous?
Yes. If ordering tests yourself, you can order them anonymously.
Will you take and file my insurance?
Yes. With a doctor’s order, we will gladly file an insurance claim for you. We except and are in-network with the vast majority of insurance providers in the area. Please contact us if you have a specific question about your insurance company.
If I’m not using my insurance and paying for my tests, how much will they cost?
Test costs vary, depending on what tests you order. You can see an example of pricing on some frequently ordered tests and profiles here. We specifically price our tests to cost you less than anyone in the industry.
How can you charge less than other labs?
Mostly, because we just choose to do so. We do collect payment at the time of service to reduce billing costs. This also helps you – you won’t have to worry about any future bills coming your way. But, in the end, it has more to do with our philosophical commitment to providing a needed service at reasonable prices to those who have to pay for it out of their own pocket.
Do I need an appointment?
No. You never need an appointment at any of our locations. We are focused on making sure you are in and out of our locations faster than anyone in the industry.
Will anyone else know my results?
No, your results will remain completely confidential. If you would like us to share your results with your physician, we will be happy to do so for you.
What lab tests can I order?
We can perform all lab tests. Please contact us with questions on specific tests regarding pricing, turn around times, and test requirements.
Do I need to be fasting for my tests?
Sometimes. Fasting is usually recommended for common tests like glucose and lipid profiles. When in doubt, please contact us or your ordering provider to ask if you need to fast for the tests you are about to have done.

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